#7.2 Design Thinking

Today is my first day in this class cause I went to the dentist's yesterday. I was surprised that I was soon involved in this class because the classmates are freindly and told me about what they did yesterday. And also the creating part of this class is amazing with the various materials to create our own bag.

In today's class, Gary told us to pay attention to what customers want before degisning. Asking what they really want to have or be is the way. Just as a simple example, the bagpack needs to make customers feel content and proud. So in my future degisn, I'll care for customers first than what I want.

I don't think I've contributed much to the class, but I was proud of my bag. It's lovely but I didn't complete it because of the limit of time. It's a little pity.

In tomorrow's class, I would like to be more active. I'll try better in creating and get ideas from others. I'll enjoy the time with my classmates.

Thank you to Dave Mark

Thank you for telling us about artificial intelligence. I'm really interested in AI and want to create my own game with AI. After hearing your speech, I have more understanding about AI. I'm really looking forward to studying game AI and have contribution to this field.

the board game

Our group have created a board game named plumax. It's ludus is to reach the opposite of the board. The paida is that you can build various plumbs and destroy opponents' plumbs.

Thank you to Noah Falstein

Thank you for sharing your experiences and opinions. As I'm interested in VR technology and game designing, I am looking forward to the future of VR games and I want to make my own contribution. 

About design

Design is the blue prints. Design is very important because it make the thing perfect. Every good game need a good design.

I'v made a design document for our group project--cellular automata.  It's a good experience. My drawing showed the rules of the cellular automata vividly.

final projects

It's the ways to solve maths problems such as sorting. It is interesting because it's useful and important.
2.game AI
It's making game more intelligent and more enjoyable.
You can create many things with it. I can use the opened program to create something useful.


AI--artificial intelligence is the technology made by human to act logically.  It makes thecomputer think like humans  and all the ideas of AI come from the nature.

The Arduino

These are the Arduinoprojects we made.

The LED can light up.

Thank you to Tronster Hartley

Thank you for telling us your experiences working on game programming and degisning. As I'm aiming to become a game programmer, I'm really glad to hear your words and I will make good use of the game makking tools and work on my own game soon.

Thank you to Stone Librande

Thank you for joining our class. Your experiences of studying and doing game designing are very interesting. As I want to be a game programmer in the future, I have to improve my communication skill because you said it's very important. Also I want to create my own game in the near future. I'm having support from my friends who are good at drawing ,writing or making music. I'm looking forward to it being completed on our own.

project-Cellular Automata

This is what our team made with processing. It is a simulation of cells. The cells will die if there are too many cells surrounding them while they will create new cells while there are few cells. Every time the cells are in different order so they can create any possible.


game review-but that was [yesterday]

This is a very moving game which teaches me many thing in life. The death of friend, the leave of girlfriend all make us sad but we shouldn't stuck in the memory and face our life instead. 

Ludus: finish the levels

Paida: move left/right, jump

narrative: memorize your dead friend and left girlfriend

thank you to Ernest

Thank you for telling us your job in Disney which makes me interested in graphic designing. It makes the games full of fun. And I also love RPG games that you told. In addition, where you work with mickey mouse seems very unque.

about programming language

Computers can only understand instructions in binary. They use computer language which is hard for us to understand. We use high or low level languages to give instruction to computers. The low level language is easier for computers to understand. And the compilers translate our instructions into computer language to make them understand.

game review-you only live once

It's a game which you can only play once. 

Ludus: finish the levels
Paida: move right/left jump
narrative: rescue your kidnapped girlfriend

Thank you to Carson and Ryan

Thank you for joining our class. It's a pleasure to listen to your share of your experience in Google. The same as what Wes said yesterday, the company culture in Goolge is great. I'm so impressed that you say  the Google life has more freedom that I want to come to the company. 

game review-you have to burn the rope

It is a simple game which you may only spend a few minites on it because you can just burn the rope above to win.

Ludus: turn the rope

Paida: move left or right , throw weapons and get a fire

narrative: beat the boss

Thank you to Wes Cheng

Thank you for telling us your life in Google. It's interesting that you said you like work with many great people there best and in spite of the long working time, you are not under great pressure. Your thought to help the Google users with every small change impressed me. So I hope to study more about AI and programming and create my own value.

game review-press space to win

ludus: go through all the levels and beat the enemies

paida:press the space

narrative:rescuing the princess by killing the king

So it is a simple RPG game and I suggest it will be better with more delicate characters design.

the twine game

The interesting teine game is about a poor young man who was poor saved the princess and lived a happy life. Although he felt the injustice in the world, he firmly insisted his faith and had a happy ending. Still, the hero's fate can be changed depend on your choice.


What is the narratology/ludology debate

The narratological view is that games should be understood as novel forms of narrative and can thus be studied using theories of narrative (Murray, 1997; Atkins, 2003). The ludological position is that games should be understood on their own terms. The narratologists insist the narrative of game is important while the  ludologists think the game don't always need narrative.


Thank you post to Russ Fan

It's a honor to see you in the class. Thank you fro telling us so much about your work and the games. I'm also interested in games' back ground music and your explanation makes me know better how they effect the game and the players. In the end, the fun that you work with games and different prople inspires me to put myself into game design very much. Thank you for joining our class and your patient explanations.

game review-2048

In my opinin, 2048 is a very wonderful game. I always play it when I'm boring and it makes my spare time full of fun. And the simple idea of this game also delights me. Being more skillful, I can make more score every time and I can always get to 2048 and even more.

About number systems

1.why we have a “base 10” counting system

The base 10 counting system is probably appeared because the ten fingers of human hands.

2.how to convert 11011011 into a decimal number

From right to left, the 1 can convert into '1','2','4','8' and so on. So 11011011=1+2+8+16+64+128=219.

3.binary numbers

They consist of only '0' and '1' and they stand differently when they are in decimal numbers.

about decimalhttps://baike.baidu.com/view/359301.htm

about binaryhttps://baike.baidu.com/view/18536.htm

game review-Chain Chronicle

It is my favourite game because of its interesting plots---finding the secret of the chronicle and the fight against the monsters from the chronicle. You can meet new partners in the taverns among the map. Every partners has his or her own stories and you can develop deep fetter with them. In addition, the design of the characters are very delicate and they all have vivid Japanese vioce. At last, the exiting events in the game make it more enjoying and make me doun't want to turn it off.

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